Social media marketing is a must-have component for a business today. A social media marketing plan has proven to be a tricky skill to master by organizations. Your business needs to be a part of the conversation on the web and this will help you know what is being said as well as managing the negative opinions that arise from those conversations. Social media marketing is not optional but a necessity that enables a business to capitalize on the available opportunities but also as a tool to develop and protect your reputation.

Reasons you should be doing social media marketing:

  1. 1. Your business can reach a large number of people without incurring huge advertising costs from the advertising and public relations agencies

  2. 2. Social media marketing is a proven and effective way of driving traffic to your website blog sections and products. This, in turn, increases your page ranking in the search engine results.

  3. 3. Social media marketing compliments other marketing efforts such as paid ads and videos.

  4. 4. You can build business credibility when you participate in online forums that have a question and answer discussions with prospects and customers.

  5. 5. Social media platforms have user data that can be used to target prospects you identify with high potential of becoming paying customers.