Document Archiving Automation

The document archiving application is a distributed-computing application created with the sole intention of storing scanned documents in image form for future reference. The application provides a simplified retrieval mechanism for the required information to any user granted the credentials that allows them to access the information. The application can be held on a proprietary basis and distributed over a local or wide area network which falls under the proprietor’s jurisdiction.

Document archiving applications provide benefits over traditional archiving methods
in ways such as:
1. Archiving applications utilize much lesser space than traditional archives
which translates to much lower storage costs.
2. Archiving applications provide a much easier way to backup information than
traditional archives which would make it easier for business continuity in case
of disasters and calamities.
3. Archiving applications enforce access to information on a need to know basis
through use of user-privileges unlike a traditional archive that can be broken
into or accessed by unauthorized personnel.
4. Archiving applications can be accessed by users in geographically dispersed
regions over a network unlike physical archives that require one to physically
access them to gain the required information...and much more
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