Data Capture

Your website, as an online platform that you use to interact with your customers and also for generating new prospects, must represent your brand the same way your office premises does. With that in mind, your websites should be audited to determine how effective it is in ensuring the following deliverables are attained effectively.

1. Marketing sales/goals-your website should provide metrics that determine how effective your marketing goals are and this should provide a basis of web audit on what needs improving to attain the set goals.

2. Effectiveness- web audit can also be used to establish the effectiveness of every page in relation to its content, hence a web audit can reveal which pages or content need improving.

3. Design-web audit should be carried to determine the consistency of web pages of formats, navigation, text and much more. This would also help establish how easy it is to find content.

4. Ease of management- the web audit should also establish the content management system's ease to manage with regards to aspects such as editing content, uploading images, posting new blogs and much more.

5. Usability-to determine how responsive your website is on desktops and mobile gadgets.

6. Structural quality-this is with regard to search engine optimization on the factors that determine how your website is ranked.

7. Content-web audit should look into aspects such as the clarity of information on the homepage and the efficiency of landing pages.

8. Security- to examine aspects such as SSL(Secure Socket Layer), the technical support and setup.